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Sonny 2 (7.18 MB) submitted Monday, November 12, 2012 played 1,542 times
Game description: Game Info - Dear Human,By now you know what it's like to be a Zombie. To be hunted. To be hated. You fought to survive in a world that didn't make any sense.But now you're getting used to it. Your senses have sharpened. You finally begin to understand. Why be the prey......When you can be the predator?------------------------------------* Three New Classes* Five New Zones* Improved AI!* Hundreds of New Items* Local PvP Mode* Three Difficulty Settings* Fully Voiced StorylinePS: Sorry about the long wait!- Krin Game controls: Game controls - All you need is the mouse. Point and click, baby! The rest of the instructions are in the game.5 TIPS FOR SONNY 2!1. Know your abilities. If you know your abilities well, you can pull off some very powerful combo's. For example, Psycho's 'Nightmare' is an offensive spell, but you can use it on friendly team members. Couple that with 'Retrograde' and you've got yourself a powerful healing spell!2. Command the team. You need to let your team know when to attack, and when to defend. Timing and co-ordination could be the key to winning some fights.3. Observe the enemy. Learn what their abilities do, and what causes them to use certain abilities. This is very important if you are playing on 'Heroic' difficulty.4. Gear your team effectively. Veradux's healing spell scales with Instinct, but his damage spells scale with Strength, so take that into consideration when you are gearing him up with equipment.5. Understand your class. You may be tempted to build your character down a specific line in the tree, and end up neglecting all the other abilities. It is important to understand the whole tree if you want to create the strongest characters.Good Luck!
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